Sun OpenSSO Enterprise

We are re-branding Federated Access Manager to Sun OpenSSO Enterprise. Over this couple of weeks, you will see changes in console, login page, online help, wiki, etc. related to this.

I am committing these changes soon.

1. Rename binaries ->
fam-client-jdk14.war -> opensso-client-jdk14.war
fam-client-jdk15.war -> opensso-client-jdk15.war ->
opensso.jar -> amserver.jar
fam.jar -> opensso.jar
fam-public-javadocs.jar -> opensso-public-javadocs.jar -> -> ->
famwssproviders.jar -> openssowssproviders.jar

2. Rename CLI from famadm to ssoadm and famadm.jsp to ssoadm.jsp

3. Change Product name image in Login and Console page to Sun OpenSSO Enterprise

Followings are the changes that have to happen

1. console online help changes
2. properties files changes for other locale.
3. web agent and J2EE agent changes


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