Update OpenSSO’s Configuration store password

There was a question posted to our internal (Sun) alias, and I think I should share it out for the benefit of OpenSSO community. The question was “How to update OpenSSO configuration store password?”

There are two types of datastore in OpenSSO server, namely the configuration datastore and user datastore. As the name suggest, the former stores the configuration data that are required by OpenSSO server to operate properly. The latter stores users related information, such as role, group and user entries.

It can be done through Command Line Interface or Administration Console.

The Command Line Interface way.

  1. Output the current server configuration XML
    ./ssoadm get-svrcfg-xml -u amadmin -f /tmp/fampass -s \
    http://owen1.red.iplanet.com:8080/opensso -o /tmp/serverconfig.xml

  2. Encrypt new password
    ./ampassword -e /tmp/newpassword

  3. edit /tmp/serverconfig.xml. replace admin password with the new encrypted password.
  4. Output the current server configuration XML
    ./ssoadm set-svrcfg-xml -u amadmin -f /tmp/fampass -s \
    http://owen1.red.iplanet.com:8080/opensso -X /tmp/serverconfig.xml

The Administration Console Interface way.

  1. Login as amadmin
  2. select Configuration tab
  3. select Sites and Servers tab
  4. Choose the server
  5. select Directory Configuration tab
  6. set the password

OpenSSO Java Runtime >= 1.5

We have recently modified our Java build target to 1.5. Hence, you need Java Runtime version 1.5 and above to run OpenSSO Client. The Java runtime version requirement for OpenSSO server remains unchanged i.e. 1.5.

This new client runtime requirement shall be in our next official release i.e. OpenSSO Express 8 which is scheduled to released in a couple of months from now.