Clean Code

I was at Borders on Saturday and was reading Clean Code by Uncle Bob. It mentioned that quality of code is measured by WTF/minute. Look at this Cartoon to understand what he meant. 🙂

Many of us have encountered this before. i.e. looking at a piece of code and go WTF, WTF, WTF …. It is very difficult to review code in cases like this. Comments were lacking or missing; methods were over 100 lines long (btw, the suggested length of a method is 24); and code was not well indented.

This book is very easy to read because many of the things written in it were common sense. For instance, “bad code functions too”; bad code causes organizational loss because of defects and difficulty in maintaining it (now why people are ignoring this?); have small classes and methods; etc.

Uncle Bob has done a good job in writing this book. Do get a copy of it if you are a software developer AND want to write clean code 🙂


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