AT&T Service Support

Today (Saturday) at about 10 PM, my phone line and DSL were down. My wife called AT&T support guys. The call was transfered several times and she waited for about 15 minutes before a human talked to her. The guy said that one of our phones was jamming the line. He suggested we plug all the phones, wait for 5-10 minutes, plug in one of the phones and test the line again. My wife got off the phone and did what she was told to do. But, the problem still persisted.

We were thinking that we would not internet connection for the entire weekend. 😦

On our way to a Japanese supermarket, my wife called AT&T to dispatch a technician to fix the problem on Monday.

At about 3PM, my cell phone rang, it was from AT&T. The technical said that he was in our neighborhood and could stop by to fix the line. What a delight!

He came and found that one of our phone lines was short-circuited. We need to pay AT&T to get it fix as the problem is with a wire running in the house. However, he said that no charges would be made if the wire can be easily rectified. Luck is on our side, he fixed the problem, left us his name card and thanked us for using AT&T.

We are really impressed with the service provided. Will stick with AT&T!

I have my internet connection back and able to blog about it 🙂


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