How to change server instance information?

After we have configured OpenSSO war, and we go “Oh! I want to change the hostname”, or “I want to change the port number”.

Do we need to reconfigure the WAR? Answer is No, We can do the followings

  1. login as amAdmin
  2. Configuration -> Sites & Servers, select your server instance and click on clone button; enter new server protocol, hostname, port and deployment URI. as the new instance name.
  3. Under realm profile, add the new host to DNS Aliases list.
  4. If the domain of host is altered, change cookie domain in  Platform service
  5. logout
  6. edit the bootstrap file, under configuration directory; you can see your host name in this file,alter it. (MAKE A BACKUP PRIOR TO EDITING)
  7. restart web container
  8. if it works, remove the previous server instance under Configuration -> Sites & Servers; remove the previous host from DNS Aliases list under realm profile.
  9. if it does not work, revert the changes made in step 2, 3, 4; and send an email to users<AT> and we will help figure it out.

6 Responses

  1. I’m trying to change/verify my cookie domain.
    I cannot find Platform service – can you point me to somewhere appropriate?

  2. hi Damien
    Cookie Domain is under Configuration tab, System sub tab, then
    Platform Service.


  3. Is there any way that this can be scripted? We are building a virtual environment that will instantiate an opensso server on startup and so are looking for a way to dynamically modify the server name of a prebuilt opensso VM instance prior to booting.



  4. If I just wanted to add a server port (so, I wanted the same hostname with an additional listener port), would just cloneing a new instance and not deleting the old entry be enough?

  5. genius !!

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