Installation log

I have committed the code for generating installation log. More information here

Every time, when we configure the OpenSSO war, either it succeeds or fails, there will be a log file created under the configuration directory. Actually, we’ve created another file, .configParam which contains the HTTP query parameters that are submitted to the configurator servlet, AMSetupServlet.

If we fail to configure the WAR, we can look at

  1. <config-dir>/.configParam for the parameters that were submitted to the servlet. (this is for developer only, kind of difficult to figure things out from here)
  2. <config-dir>/install.log for information on where the configurator fails. At the end of the file, it usually provides us with some clues on what went wrong. E.g. cannot register services; cannot create server instances….
  3. <config-dir>/<uri>/debug directory for debug error messages.

Good Luck 🙂


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