OpenSSO and Netbeans

Today, I received an email about Setting up Integrated Development Environment for OpenSSO. Specifically about how to setup project for Netbeans 6.1. Here is my response. (Maybe useful to people who are developing/debugging OpenSSO)

you should not need to setup it up now. We have checkin the nbprojectpls do a cvs update at /opensso/products directory and you will see a nbproject directory under it


Building OpenSSO with JDK 1.6

In order to build OpenSSO with JDK 1.6, we need to add two methods to this class.

*** 624,627 ****
--- 624,635 ----
          return isolationLevel;

+     public boolean isWrapperFor(Class c) {
+         return false;
+     }
+     public Object unwrap(Class iface) {
+         return null;
+     }